Talay Tong Village_

The Location_

The village is approx. 80 meters above sea level on the North West side of the Island. Set in a spectacular hillside setting, the Village overlooks the beautiful bay of "Haad Salad". The accommodation has been built to give clients a true "jungle" experience. You are able to relax and enjoy the tranquility with only the sound of wildlife to disturb the serenity.





A 4 x 4 Jeep is recommended, take either the main inner road or coastal road to the village. ( please see "Island Map" within this section for more information ). There is only a short 100 meter "dirt track" after the turning from the main road and a concrete incline takes to the village. We have avoided disturbing the wildlife by doing it this way. The "dirt track" is government owned and we expect this to be concreted in the near future. For 4 x 4 jeep hire, please use the link below.

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The Construction_

We have combined a contemporary design with traditional thai architecture. Using highly skilled thai craftsmen and reclaimed timber ( to avoid deforestation ), our Villas are truly unique and the only ones, of their kind, to be found anywhere on the Island. We are particular proud of the fact that The Forestry Agency have visited the Village and were very pleased with our approach to the build.



The Gardens_

With over 20 years of landscaping experience, our gardens are developing into a "beautiful oasis". Using cuttings from existing folliage and combining these with rare and exotic tropical plants, has lead to a truly breathtaking sight. We are constantly maintaining and making improvements to the landscaping in order to add to the Village's beauty.