Organising Transport


When you stay at Talay Tong we recommend that you have your own transport. We have a long standing relationship with several reliable "transport and travel" agencies on the island. These agencies can organise your transport and day trips. * We can reassure you that your passport will be safe if you use a "Thong Sala" agency recommended by us. The advantages of hiring vehicles from "Thong Sala" become evident at the end of your stay. You are able to return the vehicle, then easily walk to the pier with your baggage.

Organise Your Own Transport..


* PLEASE NOTE: Typically, vehicle hire agencies ask that you leave at least on passport with them until the hired vehicle is returned.




Escorting you to the Villas_


Once you have organised your transport, we are able to meet you in Thong Sala and escort you to the Villas. Please understand that we do not provide a Taxi/Pick up service to the villas. this is simply because once you arrive at the villas, the taxi will leave and you will be left with no transport.



Laundry + Cleaning_


We have a team of professional domestic cleaners/ laundry maids, they thoroughly clean your villa on a 5 day cycle. Fresh towels and linen are provided with the villa. Should you require any additional cleaning services, please ask on reservation.





Electrical + Pool Maintenance_


A regular team of professional engineers are on standby, should there be any maintenance problems. They have extensive experience in all fitted systems. Further contact information regarding using this service shall be provided upon your arrival.