Where are the villas located ?


The villas are secluded within a privately owned location, in the hills above the beach of Haad Salad. There is no "through road" access within the village and so traffic noise is not a problem. The North West coast of Koh Phangan is beautifully picturesque. Please note, motorbike or jeep rental is highly recommended when staying at the village. The walk to Haad Salad is via the road, the route takes around 20-25 minutes down and then back up a very steep hill.



Is the nearest beach within walking distance ?


It is possible to walk to the beach. However, the villas boast spectacular sea views, as they are situated 80m above sea level, any walk to or from the beach must take into consideration the ascent and descent to, or from the villas. As such, motorbike or jeep rental is highly recommended.



Will I need a rental jeep / scooter to get
around the island ?


Yes, a rental jeep / scooter is essential to get the most out of exploring the island and for going on daytrips. The main roads on the island are concreted, but some of the best beaches and sights can only be reached by short dirt roads, off these roads.

Alternatively, taxis are available, but please be advised, they are not the most economical way of getting around.


How far away are restaurants and food stores?


The nearest restaurants and stores are in the bay of Haad Salad. These stores sell everyday essentials. However, you will find that a few things can only be obtained from The main port of Thong Sala, which now has a "Tesco Lotus." The Island now has many 7/11 stores which cater to holiday makers on a 24 hour basis.

How much privacy can I expect ?


The villas offer privacy away from noisy bars, restaurants and any other resorts. However, there are several other neighbouring villas in the village which may be partially visible from your balconies.


Could you give me a price for a villa, if I wish
to stay a full calendar month ?


The rates are currently shown on a "per night" basis, this rate typically applies to stays of "weekly" or "fortnightly" bookings. However, if our clients wish to stay for "monthly" periods at a time, a special discount rate can be arranged. We have a membership scheme that is soon to be available. This will offer further discounts and services to its members. Further details shall be given, in due course.


Is there any catering /cook or a driver available ?


Unfortunately, neither of these services are available as of yet. The accommodation is suitable for those who prefer a self catering vacation. We aim to provide restaurant facilities and "beach run" taxis in the near future.


Is it near the Full Moon Party ?


The Full Moon Party in Haad Rin is around a 45 - 60 minute drive from the villas. Please see the "location" section on this website. Regular taxis are available from "Haad Salad" to take you directly there and bring you back.


Is it law to wear helmets whilst riding motorcycles
on Koh Phangan ?


Yes, it is law to wear a helmet in Thailand at all times whilst driving a motorbike. However, you may observe that the majority seem to disobey this law and get away with it. Police do regular stops in the main port of Thong Sala.